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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Almost finished

While we are living in the caravan, awaiting the build of our new home, I haven’t had access to my sewing machine for such a long time.  But I haven’t been completely idle,  I’ve been getting on with my knitting from time to time.  Although I’m not a fast knitter, by any means, it’s good to have a little something on the go for when I’m feeling in the mood.  So I’m pleased that my current knitting project is “almost finished”. 

DSCF4418 Little toddler’s jumper

I’m just knitting the last few rows on the collar, then it’s done.  Just as well, as that’s the last of my wool.  Then of course I’ve got the job of  stitching it up,  and sewing a few buttons on the neck opening band.

Our new home is “almost finished” too.  We have been up country on holiday in our caravan for a couple of weeks so haven’t been able to check up on progress till just recently.   The inside plastering has just been finished, and the painters are due in early next week.  There’s about 3-4 weeks still to go, we understand.

DSCF4390 It’s almost finished too


Nancy J said...

looking so good, just the last few finishing pieces and you move in. That will be cause for a celebration of some kind, Wine? Music? Presents? or quilting time in a room for yourself?? Cheers from Jean

Jenny and Robin said...

Well, I hadn't thought of a celebration. Perhaps we will do all of your suggestions.
I will be pleased to get my sewing machine back, but guess I'll need time to sort out the spare room, lots of sewing stuff packed in boxes!
And strange as it may seem, I'll be pleased to use my own washing machine and clothes line!

Annette said...

the simple things of life....washing machine & clothes line!!!! looking forward to seeing the finishing touches but then there is the garden!! Knitting is as relaxing as reading, the colour is lovely, is it for you or Robin. Take care, Annette