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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finding my way around the new Library

Do all quilters love books too, or is it just me?  I’ve been issued with my brand new library card for the striking new Levin library and called in today to make my first selection.  I’m still finding my way around the shelves, and this is what I’m taking back to the caravan with me.


I chose a nice new C J Box book – just love to read about the character Joe Pickett and his life as a game warden in the wilderness of Wyoming.  Eliza’s Gift, by Rachel Herron was on a display table with all sorts of romantic books especially for Valentine’s Day.  Not my usual “serial killer” type of novel that I read, but nice and light-hearted, and truthfully, I’ve read about 100 pages already this afternoon!  Then I found an Elm Creek Quilts novel which I hadn’t yet discovered, so that came back with me too.  Then friendly librarian showed me how to zap my books out at the self service desk, so I’m all set.  There’s nothing like a pile of good books to read, is there?


Frances Leate said...

Enjoy your new library and I would be lost without ours and their large collection of audio books which means I can listen while I stitch. Take care.

Nancy J said...

A library, joy indeed, and I have always loved books, from the " Janet and John" school journal which, as I remember, came out once a month in the 1940's to 1950's.I have exhausted our local one and struggle to find a good book I haven't read before. Enjoy it all Jenny. Cheers from Jean

Leeann said...

Just had a look at CJ Box books they look good. (I love crime novels too) Should I read them in order or doesn't it matter?