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Saturday, February 23, 2013

A little Stitching and a lot of Reading

I’ve still had time to do a little stitching, even though we have been rushing between Otaki and Levin for weeks now, checking up on our house building, and making all sorts of arrangements.  I’m working away on a (free download) Red Brolly stitchery design and it’s coming along slowly.  Mind you, with all this hot weather lately, I don’t always feel like doing much stitching in these warm temperatures.

DSCF4533 Red Brolly design

I always have a book in my hands, no matter the weather.  As a new member of the rather grand, brand new Levin library, I’ve been there several times to check out some reading matter.  I’ve just finished reading one of Jennifer Chiaverini’s Elm Creek Quilts novels.  Most of the series I’d read previously, but found  “The Wedding Quilt” tucked away on the shelves.    Each chapter traces the history of individual characters of Elm Creek, but the actual wedding quilt doesn’t make an appearance till the final chapter.  A good easy read, and makes a change from the “serial killer” type of books I usually devour late into the night.

DSCF4618 The Wedding Quilt book, by Jennifer Chiaverini, sitting on my caravan quilt


Nancy J said...

Not long to go now Jenny, bliss to have your own laundry and sewing room. I too will have some stitchery when we are away,and lots of books!!! Cheers from Jean

June said...

How about the Earlene Fowler series about detective Benni Harper - all quilt based? I have some ready to pass on if you are interested. I too am seldom without a book - three cheers for ebooks on my phone!