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Friday, February 22, 2013

Happiness is Clean Laundry

It doesn’t take much to make a committed “washer woman” like me happy – my new laundry tub is now installed.  When we called around to the new house today, there it was, all shiny and new, fitted into place in the back corner of the garage.  (There is no separate laundry room in our new house).

DSCF4607 New laundry tub installed

When we finally move in, (it’s getting closer all the time), the washing machine will get hooked up beside the new tub.  My trusty washing machine has been languishing in the storage unit these last few months, so it is time it got to work again.  And with a clothesline installed in the back yard, I won’t know myself.  I bet it won’t be too long before I get that first load of washing done and hung out to dry.   As I’ve said before, happiness is clean laundry.  PS:  Just so you don’t get the wrong impression, I’m not so fanatical about housework!

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Nancy J said...

Jenny, I would be the same as you, laundry, on the line, smelling so fresh, dry and put away, the same day ,with our sunshine lately, Bliss!!!Love the lino too. Cheers from Jean