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Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Quilt Rack – Made with Love

With my large quilts are all packed away, my quilt rack is looking rather bare.  It is a beautiful piece of furniture, and was hand made for me some years ago, when my clever daughter Nicky attended night classes at Feilding High School.  As well as woodwork, she learnt about stained glass and made a wonderful lead-light panel for the front door of her house.  Sadly, the Government removed funding for adult education classes several years ago and local schools can no longer offer such courses.

DSCF3459 My hand made quilt rack

This nice sturdy rack has been smothered with quilts for so long that I had almost forgotten how lovely it is.  There is a heart shape cut into each end, and the timber is beautifully smooth.  The rack will be set up in my “sewing room” of our new home when we move in.  And this time, I resolve NOT to have all my quilts and UFOs piled on top.  Perhaps it will be better just to have a few on display at a time, and change the selection now and again?  That way, my beautiful quilt rack will also be able to be admired.

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Nancy J said...

Jenny, the saying is " Less is more" and with maybe 2 quilts on that beautiful rack, you will see the woodwork, the hearts, and the quilts too, Happy Packing up!!! Cheers from jean