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Monday, November 12, 2012

Found tucked away

The great tidy up, chuck out and pack up continues.  Who ever said moving house was stressful, wasn’t joking.  Still, we are trying hard to get it all done in the time allowed, so fingers crossed, we will get there.

We will have two months, more or else, living in our caravan while our new home is being  built.  After careful consideration, I have decided against taking my sewing machine, several projects, cutting board and rulers, and all the other necessary bits and pieces into the caravan.  We’ve worked it out, we will be parked up on our friends property for three weeks, then away on our Christmas/New Year break for the next two weeks.  Back at our friends place for the next couple of weeks, and then heading off with a group of fellow caravanners for our Safari road trip.  In between times we will no doubt be travelling back and forth to keep and eye on how our new home is coming along.  So there probably won’t be too much time to be sitting at my sewing machine.

I will be taking my hand stitching away, of course.  Plus some silk ribbon work, which I found tucked away in a basket last night.  Goodness knows when I started this, far back in the mists of time, I imagine.  It is now carefully put away with my other hand stitching, and I’m taking my knitting bag too.

DSCF3358Silk ribbon kowhai flowers found – and I didn’t even know it was missing

Another load of boxes and containers were transported to our lock-up today.  Included were my three handy zipped bags.  One contains Christmas fabric, another is full of conversation type prints, including the last of my New Zealand fabrics.  The last one is a project waiting to happen – all the bits and pieces for a crazy patch bed quilt, that I will get around to stitching “one day”.  There is nothing bright and garish in this bag, my crazy patch quilt will be made from lots of cream lace pieces, and some pretty pastel embroidered fabric. 

DSCF3357 Bags of fabric


By Hoki Quilts said...

Oh heck - you bring back so many memories for me Jenny. We shifted 16 times in 23years with the military and then3 times with the police and although many said each shift was a good time to clean out we never did (foolish I know). I have told DH that there is no way I am moving again - too much 'stuff' in this place for any of that nonsense.
Good luck,

Leeann said...

A stressful but exciting time! It's a good time to build now, there should be no hold ups because of the weather. I'm looking forward to seeing progress photos of the new house, so take lots!