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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Us

It hardly seems that long, but we have just celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary.  We like to go out for a meal to celebrate, but being a Monday evening not every local restaurant is open.  But there was one a short drive away which services the adjacent motel units seven days a week, so that was our choice.  Graze Restaurant has been updated, renamed and redecorated several times over the years.  Currently it is a family type of restaurant, serving nothing too fancy, just hearty family type meals at reasonable prices.

Roast pork was on the menu, followed by apple crumble for him and a yummy boysenberry trifle for me.  Clinking glasses, we toasted each other, and asked the waitress to take a photo for us.

DSCF3308It’s our anniversary

Next year is a big one for us, 30 years!  There’s plans brewing for that anniversary, I’ve already warned Robin.  Just make sure our passports are valid, I’ve told him, and I’ll take care of all the arrangements.  Somewhere warm, sunny and overseas perhaps.  We will be celebrating that one in style!


Frances Leate said...

A lovely photo Jenny and I hope you had a really happy birthday. Take care.

June said...

Congratulations Jenny - roast pork always hits the spot with me too!