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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Packing up, and taking down

Now, what shall I pack up today, I wondered.  (In all honesty, there’s so much to do I’m starting to get a bit frazzled.)  I know, I thought to myself, I’ll finish clearing out the drawers in the spare bedroom.  Tucked away in the last remaining drawer were my Christmas wall-hangings and a few assorted Christmas table runners.  I’d  forgotten just how many of these I had.  Some I’d stitched myself, and some were gifts from pen-friends.  Into the crate they went, one by one, allowing myself just a quick peek at each item.  Guess none of them will be hung up this Christmas season, they will all be in storage while we live in the caravan waiting for our new home to be built.

The crate was only half full, so I decided to take down the wall-hangings throughout the house as well.  Down came my “Washday” quilt from the laundry, and my New Zealand Native Birds from the hallway.  What else?  Oh yes, my High Tech Tucks way up high over the doorway, I’ll need to get the ladder to get that one down.

DSCF3303 High Tech Tucks, made in 1998

That’s the last of the wall hangings packed away, and one more crate ready to take to the lock-up for storage. 

DSCF3300 Wall hangings packed away

The builders haven’t even  started on our new home yet, so we will be living in the caravan for a few months, with everything else in storage.  Wonder how many crates I’ll need to pack the bed quilts away?  I’m not ready to do them just yet,


Maria said...

You are doing well Jenny. I bet all the wall hangings bring back memories as you pack them away...
Hope you kept out a favorite to hang in the van at Christmas..

Nancy J said...

We lived in our caravan for 8 months some years ago at Lake Tarawera, and down here for 2 months, in the summer, which was so much easier. I struggled to decide what to leave out and what to totally pack away !!!Do you have somewhere to park up while the building is done? Sounds like new exciting times ahead. Greetings from Jean

June said...

And what are you going to keep out for your sewing during the build? I kept my five inch squares and my strips plus some handwork. How are away will you be Jenny? Able to get back to Pinestream meetings? All the best with your plans.

Annette said...

Good luck with the move, have you thought of packing quilts, fabric etc into spacebags sometimes called vacuum bags, where you suck the air out with the vacuum cleaner, great for travelling & storage, I have unused sleeping bags & doonas in them then into crates.