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Monday, November 26, 2012

A Whole Pile of Quilts

There was a whole pile of bed quilts ready and waiting to be packed away – goodness, have I really got that many?  They have all been folded over my quilt rack, one on top of the other.  I see there are several quilts featuring stars – no surprise really, as I’m rather fond of star quilts.  The easiest way to store them, I decided, is to roll them.

DSCF3439 Time to pack the quilts away.

Hidden away under the quilts were several that were not yet completed.  Both the Christmas Stars and the Maple Leaf quilt just need some more machine quilting to finish them.   I was working on both of these quilts five years ago when I received my cancer diagnosis, and had too much on my mind to worry about unfinished quilts, so they have been on the back burner all this time.  Perhaps when I am settled in my new sewing room I can make these two a priority?

DSCF3441-001 They just need a bit more machine quilting

Also tucked away I found two quilt tops, again not yet finished.  The burgundy quilt on the left has floral stitchery blocks and will be going in the caravan when it is completed.  And the scrap quilt (more stars) is a memory quilt from our UK trip.  I took a whole lots of half-square triangles away with me, and got them signed at attractions we visited, B & Bs, and on each and every train, boat and plane trips we took.  This particular quilt will be overflowing with memories.

DSCF3440 Hearts and Stars

Only a quilter can understand that we just can’t stop at one quilt, or even two or three.  I’m looking forward to spending time at the sewing machine when we are settled into our new home.  We will be quite busy over the next couple of months, I expect, so In the meantime, I’ll make do with some hand stitching.

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