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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Coffee Time

What a treat - we were taken to my favourite cafe, Fig Tree Cafe,  today.  Our real estate agent Sharlene found out from Robin which was my extra special all time favourite cafe, and invited us out for morning tea.  As a “thank you” for listing our house, which of course, has now sold.  The thanks went both ways.  We thought Sharlene had done such a great job, liaising with us, showing people around, and successfully concluding the sale.  So as a “thank you” to her, we presented this professional young lady with a bunch of flowers.

DSCF3314 Sharlene with her flowers

Although quite empty when we first arrived, the tables in this popular cafe soon filled up.  We sipped our lattes, enjoyed our cake and croissants, chatted about future plans, and generally spent a very pleasant hour together.  Thanks, Sharlene, for inviting us out for morning tea.  I couldn’t have chosen a better place myself!

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