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Saturday, November 17, 2012

I wonder what’s hiding in the Sewing Cabinet?

Today I decided it was time to check just what was hiding in the drawers of my handy Horn sewing cabinet before it gets packed up tight and carted away.  Perhaps there will be things lurking in the drawers that I can dispose of, who knows.

I found quite an assortment of little bags in drawer number one, I didn’t know I had quite so many!  Some I’d made myself, (ones on the right in shades of pink and blue)  and the others were gifts.   These little bags are so handy to contain sewing bits and pieces.  Marking pens, pencils, chalks, packets of needles, I’ve even got a padded one especially to keep my super sharp pair of Friskar snips in.  These small scissors are just the thing to use for snipping shaggy quilts.

DSCF3390 Lots of handy little bags

What’s this I found in the next drawer?  A little container full sequins and beads – goodness knows what I have them for, I certainly don’t do beading!  Another of those flexible plastic bobbin holders, I’ve got one full up so this one will come in handy.  And two more little bags – you just can’t have too many of these.

DSCF3391 Beads and more bags

I’ve found interfacing, pins, four pairs of scissors, a container of buttons, bags of assorted ribbons, trims. cords and velcro, a ruler or two, and even a zip.  Some tracing paper I purchased for a class and never used, and lots of tatty things which ended up in the bin.  Oh yes, there’s the book I got when I purchased my Bernina 5 or so years ago, I probably should read it again someday. 

 The cabinet drawers have now been sorted, but…… what about this cotton reel mess?  Oh dear, I’d better deal with that next!  (Incidentally, I keep my most used cottons, such as black, grey, cream and white, in one of my handy little bags.  These are just the odds and ends.)

DSCF3392 That’s rather untidy


Maria said...

it's surprising how many things we have tucked away.
Maybe shifting can be a good thing.. Do a good clean up...

Lis said...

A good opportunity to sort out, I'm looking forward to seeing what else you discover - I'd hate to have to move again, so much work to do and I'm basically idle!

Jenny said...

Basically idle you say - I prefer to think that we are "busy doing other things" rather than housework!