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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Welcome, Summer

Today is officially the the first day of Summer, down here in our part of the world.  So I guess that means Winter has arrived for my friends in the Northern Hemisphere.  It’s not a perfect summer day today, with a grey sky and gusty wind, but the temperatures are certainly getting warmer.

Some cheeky little sparrow came calling today.  I had a few slices of bread to break up and scatter on the grass for them.  But as I had my washing pegged on the  clothesline I thought I would wait till I brought the clothes in before giving the birds a treat.  After all, I didn’t want any birdie droppings on my nice clean washing.  But the sparrows decided there was no reason for them to wait at all, and found the bread I had placed on top of handrail around the back decking.

DSCF3477 Lunch time for the sparrows

Our cat Muffy was not the least bit interested in the birds.  She is still quite upset with all this moving palaver, and she took herself into  one of the empty wardrobes yesterday.  It is upsetting for us too, that she is so distressed, and unfortunately things will probably get worse for her before they get better.  Muffy still finds it hard to credit that our bed has disappeared, although the three of us have been sleeping in caravan for the last few nights, and she is quite comfortable there.  The rest of our furniture is being taken to our lock-up tomorrow, so I think the best thing to do is to leave Muffy snoozing in comfort on the bed in the caravan while the house is emptied.

DSCF3473-001  Muffy hiding in the wardrobe

The kitchen is awash with cartons - I’ve spent most of today boxing up the contents of the pantry, after deciding which items are coming in the caravan with us.  We’ve emptied out the fridge and given it a good clean, boxed up the microwave, the bench oven, the kitchen whizz, toaster, and electric kettle.  Nearly forgot to empty the pot cupboard, but that’s done now.  It’s certainly been a busy day, and I guess it will be just as busy tomorrow.  Mustn’t grumble though, all this activity certainly makes us sleep soundly!

DSCF3479 Just a few of the kitchen boxes


Leeann said...

Poor Muffy, maybe you could give her something like rescue remedy. I heard a woman on the radio once who treated her animals with it. Or ask the vet for some relaxation pills for her. Not long now, best of luck.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Poor fur baby!!!

Never mind I am sure she knows she is loved.

It will all be ok


Katie said...

Well, it's supposed to be almost winter, but today was like a lovely spring day and I think we have a few more coming! I'm exhausted just reading about your move and it convinces me that I'm not wanting to move again. :-)