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Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Holiday Bargain Buy

Looking for an old Singer sewing machine?  Come to Carterton and wander through the many second hand shops in town, there are plenty of old sewing machines just waiting for a new owner.  I wasn’t in the market for a Singer, but like to check out old linen in these sort of shops.  There is often a selection of hand embroidered doilies, place mats, table napkins and table cloths to pick through.  I found a pretty little table cloth yesterday, hand embroidered with a hand made crocheted lace edging yesterday and wondered how much it was.  What would I be prepared to pay,  I thought to myself - maybe up to $10.  So I was pleasantly surprised to find that the proprietor wanted $5 for it. 

DSCF3759 My $5 bargain buy

Although there are no holes, rips or repairs in this pretty cloth, closer inspection showed a few light stains.  So after an overnight soak in a bucket of Napisan, it is now hanging out on the clothesline at the back of our caravan.  Do you often wonder about the history of hand stitched items like this?  Someone has spent a lot of time working on this pretty cloth, and perhaps after granny or an elderly aunt had passed away, the household linen was just donated or sold cheaply to clear the house.   I’m pleased I found it to give it a new lease of life in an appreciative home. 



Nancy J said...

Jenny, I too have found treasures, and also wonder, how were they sewn, stitched, and most of all, how could they end up in an op shop? Our gain, truly. My favourite was edged, and had pansies embroidered, a set of four in each corner. Sadly, now so well used by me, it has passed on,but I did so enjoy seeing it, and wondered every day about the lady who did the beautiful stitches.Cheers from Jean

Bev C said...

Hello Jenny,

That is so lovely, a great purchase at $5.00. The cloth will be loved again. Enjoy your cuppa and cake.

Happy days.

Katie said...

Lucky you. What a lovely cloth!! :-)

Lis Harwood said...

I love things like this, as you say they have all that history of hours in their creation and plenty of use. I do sometimes cut such things up to make smaller items, fabric postcards etc but generally I just like to use them. Love your header, all those patchwork Christmas trees! Happy New Year to you both, and the cat!