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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas from New Zealand

Father Christmas managed to find us and drop a few gifts off overnight.  My quilting pen-friend Glennis from UK sent me this pair of Jubilee tea towels, aren’t they lovely!  Almost too nice to use.  We got lots of munchie goodies from my daughter and her two girls, including some home made Russian fudge that I had been eying up for days.  At last I could try some.

DSCF3739 Royal tea towels

Christmas Day in camp was a very laid back affair.  Our biggest problem was trying to keep cool in the hot sultry conditions, and we seemed to spend all day eating.  We breakfasted outside under the gazebo on croissants packed with ham and cheese, served toasty warm from the oven, yummy.  Then we made a few cell phone calls to family members scattered around the country who were having their own Christmas Day celebrations.

Robin was in charge of  the BBQ as he kept patiently turning our chicken roll-ups over and over to ensure they were cooked to perfection.  And of course, they were.  Served with cool salads, they were delicious.  With a chilled boysenberry trifle for dessert, and a glass of bubbly, our Christmas Lunch was a campers delight.

DSCF3734 Robin in charge of the BBQ

Those tasty chicken roll-ups are just as nice cold, so we made do with some sliced up to make chicken sandwiches for our evening meal, followed by another helping of trifle.  No wonder we were feeling rather full.  As the day slowly started to cool down, we sat outside in the dusk, thankful for our blessings of health, family, friends, and a peaceful life. 

And many thanks to fellow blog writers, followers and readers of Romany Quilting, wherever you may be.  Very best Christmas wishes to you all, in your own corner of the world!


Linda H. said...

All the foods you prepared, and those you ate on Christmas day sound simply yummy! Perhaps you're at your cooking best when you're in confined quarters! LOL. Merry Christmas to you too!

Lis said...

Love your images of a Kiwi Christmas, BBQ and all. When we were in NZ for Christmas a few years ago we were expecting a BBQ and got a full roast dinner - to make us feel at home!!

Jenny said...

Thanks ladies for your comments.
I'm certainly not the world's best cook, but life is nice and casual while we stay in the caravan.

Jenny said...

Sounds as though you are enjoying life camping xmas day lunch sounds delicious.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

What a great find. I am firmly convinced that a lot of these things end up at the opshop because people see them as high maintenance.

MrsC (Maryanne) said...

Hello Jenny! I've been turning teatowels into cushion covers, nice and you can hand sew them too. /these would mke a lovely cushion cover xo