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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Muffy versus Tiger

The next part of our house building adventure begins and we are currently camped at our friends rural property in Otaki.  This household is owned by two cats, Tiger and Jingle.  Muffy was outside soon after our arrival, safely tethered with her harness and lead, and she came face to face with Tiger.  I watched carefully as Muffy made the first approach, ready to scoop her up and carry her safely inside if Tiger turned on her.

DSCF3508 Muffy approaching Tiger

As Muffy got closer, Tiger started making little meows, before turning tail and escaping from this very forward interloper.  I was  most surprised, as Tiger has a reputation as an excellent hunter.  This fit and active hunter often brings home mice, lizards, birds, rabbits, and the occasional rat to her owners.   Not bad for a 14 year old cat.

DSCF3509 I’m not playing with this strange cat on a lead

At 16, Muffy is an old lady now, and has never caught a thing in all her life.  She much prefers the indoors life, snoozing the day away in comfort. 


Nancy J said...

The pecking order in cats is varied, interesting, and can be scary.It looks as though Muffy will be Ok at her new temporary home. Cheers from Jean

Jenny said...

Yes indeed - Muffy is very much a house cat so doesn't have a lot to do with other cats. We will continue to keep her on her lead while she is in the caravan, just to be safe.