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Sunday, May 6, 2012

WOW – World of Wearable Art

Billed as Nelson’s “Must See” visitor attraction, that’s where we went on a sunny Sunday afternoon.  Robin was there to see the Classic Car selection, and as we purchased our (discounted senior) tickets, he was told that he really should check out the clothes as well.  Interesting enough, he admitted that he was pleased he did.  Sadly, no photography was permitted once we were though the gallery doors.  The first Wearable Art Show was organised by Suzie Moncrief back in 1987 and attracted 50 entries.  It grew from strength to strength, and is now run by a team of professionals who share Suzie’s vision and dream.
We sat and watched a film of the 2011 Wearable Arts show in the comfortable small theatre. The entries were split into different categories, and artfully choreographed.  I particularly enjoyed the New Zealand inspired section, and the models shared the stage with a flock of sheep, with a group of farmers happily singing Fred Dagg’s Gumboot song, dressed in their black singlets and gumboots, of course. 
Leaving the theatre, we walked into the world of illuminated illusion.  The costumes in this darkened part of the museum were brought to life under the ultra violet lighting.
Through another doorway we were greeted by the sound of clanking mechanism as costumes moved slowly past on the carousel - the  stage was mirrored so that the we could see the back of the garments reflected.  Other creations were displayed around the walls, or hanging from the ceiling.
To be quite truthful, I am not really a fan of the more “way out” creations.  But they were beautifully displayed, and seeing the film of the 2011  show made me appreciate what a spectacular stage show the Wearable Arts must be.
DSCF1418 Found amongst the classic car display
Moving to another part of the museum we were in car territory, much more to Robin’s taste.  He was in seventh heaven as he gazed at the various models of classic cars on display.  Photographs were permitted in this part of the museum, and dotted here and there between the fabulous cars were a few costumes from earlier years.  Out came my camera, quick as a flash.  Using number plates and yellow road signs, these two creations are certainly “car related”, wouldn’t you say?
DSCF1432 Number plates and a hub cap
DSCF1426 Reminiscent of AA Road Signs
There were many beautiful cars on display for the petrol heads, and I rather liked this “Best of British” E Type Jaguar.  You wouldn’t misplace this in a parking lot, would you?
DSCF1422 Union Jack Jaguar
The WOW Museum is well worth a visit to anyone travelling through Nelson.  Check out more of these fabulous classic cars on our Travel Blog:  www.romanyrambler.blogspot.com

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