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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Embroidered Treasures for fundraisers

How lucky I was to get a glimpse of WW1 and WW11 embroidered treasures on display at the Murchison Musuem – I was told they had been  put out as part of an Anzac display.  The autographed flag was to raise money for the “Buller Sick and Wounded Fund” in 1915.  The flag was embroidered by Mrs Bird with the names of people who gave a donation for the worthy cause.  The flag was auctioned and bought by D W Oxnam, and was later loaned to the musuem by Mrs Coralie Canton.
DSCF1279 Embroidered Flag from 1915
The embroidered cloth hails from 1940.  For one shilling each, people could have their names embroidered on it, to raise funds for the 1940 Queen Carnival.  It was won by Aileen Rait (now Aileen Grainger) who loaned it to the musuem.
DSCF1280Fund raiser embroidered cloth
It is wonderful that such items are kept locally and displayed from time to time.  I was thrilled to see these pieces of local history.

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