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Saturday, May 19, 2012

From sunshine to winter

I’m quite sure it wasn’t winter in Picton yesterday, the last day of our South Island holiday.  The sun was out and the temperatures were quite warm really, as we waited on the wharf to board the Inter Island Ferry.  But once we crossed over Cook Strait to arrive in Wellington  the temperatures have dropped indeed.  Here we are, all rugged up in track pants, woolly jerseys, and our toes all nice and cosy in warm socks and slippers.  The gas heater in the lounge has been blasting out the heat, and my electric blanket is switched on before bedtime. 
I didn’t set out to do a “Shop Hop” during our South Island holiday, and only managed to get to a few patchwork and quilting shops while I was away.  Special thanks to the lovely Miche’le of By Hoki Quilts who welcomed me (and Robin too) to her shop with hot scones and coffee during our visit to Hokitika.  We spent a very enjoyable couple of hours talking about all sorts of things, quilts included, and I had a good poke around this lovely little shop.  Miche’le is a fellow blogger, and it was lovely to meet her in person. 
Copy of DSCF0754 Miche’le of By Hoki Quilts
Sadly, the last shop I visited on our trip (no names) was not a good experience at all.  After having a look around the shop, and standing by the counter for five minutes, the owner was still talking on the phone, so I turned away and walked back out the door.  Not good customer service at all.
One of the textile highlights of our trip would have to be my visit to Lillia’s Lace Museum in Geraldine.  Jean Hall named the museum after her grand mother Lillia who was a lace maker, and there is an amazing collection of (mostly) hand made lace on display. 
DSCF9250Lace maker Lillia
And then there was an invitation to come and see a collection of quilts while we were staying at a motor camp in Manapouri.  It all started when I noticed a wall hanging on the office wall and mentioned I was a quilter too.  The camp owner proudly showed me her vast collection of quilts and wall hangings.  Out they came from one bedroom after another, on beds and out of drawers, the linen cupboard, and her sewing room.  Needless to say, I had a lovely afternoon!
DSCF0218Here’s a clue, she must be a quilter!
Marie of Ashburton contacted me and invited us around to her home for an evening meal, such a lovely gesture to make to a couple of strangers, and after Marie had done a full day’s work too.    We had a lovely meal, a very pleasant evening, discussed all sorts of topics, and I had a private quilt showing too.  Thanks so much, Marie and Murray.
DSCF9216Marie of Ashburton
I love old textiles and saw quite a selection at various museums.  There’s something about those lovely hand made, pin tucked, lace embellished undergarments and babies clothes from earlier years, they are just beautiful.  And a real bonus was finding a quilt show in Dunedin – how lucky was that.  Talking of quilt shows, I’m off to view one tomorrow, so I’ll be getting another “quilt fix” then.  You can be sure I’ll report back. 

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fabriquefantastique said...

I was lucky in Dunedin too...
did you get to Broadgreen House in Stoke? nice antique textiles there.