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Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Rainy Day is Stitching Day

It’s not much fun camping when the rain is coming down and the ground outside is getting soaked.  The tall trees drip over anyone foolish enough to walk underneath them on the way to the ablution block – just as well we have onboard bathroom facilities.  It’s a good day to stay tucked up warm inside the caravan and get on with some stitching. 
I had to borrow Robin to help with my stitching project – just for a minute.  Perle thread number 5 is my stitching thread of choice and some time ago a stitching friend was horrified at the tangled mess my threads were in.  She showed me how to plait the skeins to keep them tidy and tangle free.  I was ready to start using my new skein of pretty blue thread and that’s where Robin’s help was needed.  He held the middle of the cut skein while I divided it into three and quickly plaited  it up.  Plaiting must be a “girl” thing, as Robin is always impressed when I do it.  Especially when I showed him I could accomplish this task either starting the plait with the right hand,  or for a change, the left. 
DSCF1496 He’s such a helpful hubby
A rainy day is also a good opportunity to give our cat Muffy a bit of pampering with a good grooming.  She laid  contentedly on my lap while I combed her all over to remove any loose hair.  First her tummy, then flipped her over on both sides.  She is so relaxed as I lifted up one leg after another, and moved her head around so that I could comb under her neck.  Muffy is not too keen on having her tail touched though.  She was also very calm and relaxed when I buckled her little pink harness back on, all ready to clip the lead on and take her outside for a walk when the sun decides to come out again. 
P5107368 Muffy enjoying her grooming
The weather forecast has promised that the rain should soon go and sunshine return tomorrow.  I hope so – we are currently staying here in Nelson which is the “Sunshine Capitol of New Zealand”. 

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