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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Selvedges in the Mail

I love surprises, and I love getting parcels.  The mail man delivered at lovely surprise parcel addressed to me from fellow quilter Roz.  And it was stuffed full of selvedges – how great is that!  Thanks Roz, I really appreciate it, and you can be sure they will be put to good use. 

DSCF1768Bag of selvedges in the mail

My rail fence blocks are coming along slowly.  I took them on our South Island caravan trip and used them as a diary, writing down places we had stayed, and attractions we had seen.  After going “great guns” earlier in the week and stitching them all into sets of two, I then had to unpick half of them because I really didn’t think things through properly.  Of course, with this pattern, I had forgotten that two of the blocks go one way, and the other two go the other way.  More haste, less speed!


That’s enough stitching for today, I’ll sit quietly in front of the telly tonight and pin up the rows of blocks I’ve stitched today, all ready for another stint at the sewing machine tomorrow.  Then I’ll know for sure that I’ve got them the right way around.

DSCF1787 Rail Fence blocks


Maria said...

What a great idea writing the places you've been to in your fence and rail quilt top.
Grrr don't you hate it when you have to unpick. I need to often.

Linda said...

I've enjoyed catching up, reading your blog posts. What a glorious trip you had! As fun as it was though, I'm guessing it feels good to be home again. Love your rail fence project. What a great keepsake it will be of your experiences on the south island. Wish I could help you unpick and then show you the "web system" for keeping blocks in the proper order for sewing. No pins needed. Enjoy making the top, in any case. It will be fun to see finished.