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Thursday, May 3, 2012

I feel like a new woman

We have been travelling down here in the South Island for weeks and weeks, 11 weeks I think, and I was badly in need of a haircut.  You know what it’s like, the last haircut grows out and everything seems to “hang”.  I had tried a couple of hairdressers in towns recently, and they either couldn’t fit me in during the time available, or wanted to charge a king’s  ransom to cut my hair.  Luckily one of the campers here where we are currently staying is a hairdresser, and offered both of us a reasonably priced haircut.  Just what I needed.  She had a pretty little Maltese called Sophie who took quite a fancy to Robin.  “She’s a man’s dog”, we were told.  She barked at Robin, looked up at him while she lay down and wagged her tail, almost saying, “come and play with me”. 
DSCF1345 Sophie the Maltese
Our haircuts were done outside in the sunshine.  Snip, snip, snip went the scissors, and I was all done.
DSCF1343 Haircut in the sunshine
Then it was Robin’s turn to sit in the chair.  Not only did he get a haircut, but a beard trim too.  At least he won’t look like Father Christmas with that bushy beard now.
DSCF1354Just a bit off under here
Now that’s better, we both feel presentable again.  “I feel like a new woman”, I told Robin.  “So do I’, he replied, “where can I find one?”   I’ve news for him, the only new woman he can have is me!
DSCF1355 That’s better – new haircuts all round

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