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Sunday, March 4, 2012

It’s cold in them thar hills

I thought summer must have surely come to an end.  We’ve spent several days in the high country checking out Lake Tekapo, Mount Cook and Twizel and my summer garb of three quarter length trousers, sandals and tee shirts just don’t work at these higher altitudes.  So it was fleecy trousers, warm jumpers, socks and shoes to keep warm.  We even needed our woollen jacket, hats and gloves while out and about in the cool mountain air.  Now we are back to sea level once more in the sunny climes of Waimate, I can dress “summery” again.
DSCF9355 The bucket brigade
And what can be more summery than doing a spot of laundry in a camp without much in the way of facilities.  There is no washing machine here, no hot showers, just plenty of cold water.  Here’s Dot and me hard at work doing a spot of laundry.  You can rest assured that next time we go to a camp with a washing machine, I’ll be first in line to use it.  Muffy’s not bothered much by all our activity, she just likes to sit around in the sunshine.
DSCF9354 Now, what can I see from here?

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