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Friday, March 9, 2012

Oh goody – a Quilt Show

“There’s a quilt show on in the city”, our caravan companions told me, knowing of my interest in P&Q.  No, I hadn’t known, but made sure that our “city tour” the next day included a visit to the quilt show.  And there it was, right next door to the Information Centre in Dunedin.
DSCF9473 This way to the quilt show.
The show had free entry, and there were several raffles on offer – a quilt, a gift basket, and a whole basket full of fabric squares.  Maybe I’ll get lucky, and I have put my friend Merilyn’s (local) phone number down just in case the organisers have to call me.  She came with me as we wandered around looking at all the wonderful quilts on display.  I’ll show just a selection of what caught our fancy. 
DSCF9474   Overview of the quilt show
I’m rather keen on what one can do with the humble (previously discarded) selvedge, so spent some time checking out “Selvedges Galore” by Debbie Pettinger.  I have a whole heap of selvedges at home and I am always looking for ways to use them.
DSCF9475Selvedges Galore – by Debbie Pettinger
“Celtic Poppies” was a beautifully stitched wall-hanging, hand appliquéd and hand quilted by Pam Larson.  What a lot of work involved in stitching all those curves in place.
DSCF9479 Celtic Poppies – by Pam Larson
Black, white and a touch of red is always such a striking colour combination.   Lots of nine patches with vibrant poppies hand appliquéd over top.  This was made by Gaye Tetzlaff.
DSCF9481 Poppy Dazzler – by Gaye Tetzlaff
There’s something about Baltimores, isn’t there, which draw people in to closely study all the lovely hand appliquéd blocks.  This beauty is called “Family want it”, and was lovingly stitched by Marion McLean and quilted by Alison Bufton.
DSCF9489 Family want it – by Marion McLean
I really loved this Dunedin inspired Row by Row, look, there’s Larnach Castle, a pair of albatross, so you can’t get more local than that.  The quilt features a variety of native NZ birds and flowers, and is owned by Dianne Clarke.  Several others are credited with making this lovely quilt so I wondered if the group were all taking part ion a row by row, or perhaps it was a birthday quilt.  Whatever the story is, it is certainly a work of art, and my own personal “viewers choice”.   
DSCF9485 New Zealand Row by Row – Dianne Clarke
And this optical illusion was my (non quilting) friend’s viewers choice, called “Faberge”, and stitched by Joy Fitzpatrick, a Jinny Beyer design. 
DSCF9493 Faberge – by Joy Fitzpatrick
The Otago P&Q group are to be congratulated on their lovely show, it was well set out and there was so much to see.  Hope they pull my name out of the hat for one of those raffles!  While Merilyn and I were inside admiring all the quilts, our men folk were waiting patiently for us outside.
DSCF9495 Study of a couple of patient husbands


loulee said...

Perfect timing on your part.
Thanks for sharing.

FlourishingPalms said...

I've been following your trip (on your other blog) with avid interest, and I'm so happy to see here that you ran into a quilt show. How fun for you! Nice quilts to see, but the picture of patient husbands is the best! Continue to enjoy yourselves.