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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Patchwork Shop and a Penny Farthing at Oamaru

The stylish creamy white stone buildings of Oamaru are a beautiful sight.  Built with local stone back in the days of prosperity, these classical buildings with beautiful carvings would be at home in many overseas cities.  This beautiful Opera House was built in 1907 and has hosted theatre, ballet, concerts, cinema and even boxing.
P3061176 Oamaru Opera House
As we walked down the main street admiring one lovely stone building after another, I spotted the sign for Oamaru Silk Centre.  Mmm, wonder if they stock patchwork fabric?  Of course they do, there was a nice arrangement in the shop window.  And plenty more inside for me to drool over, it’s been a while since I’ve looked and touched any patchwork fabric.  The owner Graeme was very friendly and quite happy for me to take a few photos.  There was a wonderful selection of New Zealand fabrics, and quite a few newer designs which I hadn’t seen before.  They are very popular with tourists, Graeme told me. 
DSCF9419 Lots of New Zealand designs
DSCF9418 Fabrics of every hue
There was a good range of haberdashery lines, I noticed, together with a lovely bridal section.  Patchwork is very strong down here and the local club is North Otago Patchworkers and Quilters.  Staff member Ainslie was very helpful too, and as well as being a fellow P&Qer, she goes caravanning too!  This is a lovely shop, and you can check them out on www.oamarusilkcentre.com
DSCF9421 Ainslie in the shop enjoys caravanning too
Now, about that Penny Farthing.  Oamaru likes to remind visitors of its history and Penny Farthings abound.  We saw several around town and those brave enough can pay a little money, take their life in their hands and climb aboard.
DSCF9415 Penny Farthing outside a shop
P3061172Up on a Penny Farthing
I took the easy way out and climbed aboard this Penny Farthing in the Information Centre.  Luckily it was bolted in place so I didn’t fall off.  Mind you, I wasn’t going anywhere either.
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Katie said...

LOL I didn't see the steps at first and wondered how in the world you got up there!

loulee said...

Oooh! I've been in that shop, it was amazing. I spent lots of time and money!!