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Saturday, March 31, 2012

I found a fellow quilter

qThe quilt on the office wall gave it away.  We were registering at a Motor Camp in Manapouri to stay for a couple of nights, and I could see a pretty little wall hanging.  “Are you a quilter?”, I asked hopefully.  “Yes”, was the reply, “Come over to the house and I’ll show you my quilts”.  Well, I didn’t need to be asked twice, I can tell you.
DSCF0218 Welcome to campers who come calling
Gloria told me about her recent wonderful three week trip to Houston and the Amish country.  She had a big bag full of fabrics, patterns and quilt pins she had bought.  She was particularly pleased with her purchases from Jinny Beyer’s stall at the Houston show.  Gloria has a dedicated quilt studio in her home, (lucky girl, I have to sew in the dining room), and told me that she usually works from quilt kits which she purchases overseas.  The beautiful butterfly quilt hanging on the wall was made from a kit and the technique is “fractured tile”.  It has the look of stained glass, but instead of using bias tape the many pieces are fused then stitched down. 
DSCF0224 Butterfly wall hanging
This was another pretty wall hanging made from a kit, featuring fuchsias.  I just love what a black background does to pretty colours to make them glow.
DSCF0225Fuchsia wall hanging
Like most quilters I know, Gloria likes to make bags too.  The fabric is a wonderful batik printed with North American wildlife.  That’s Gloria hiding, “don’t take my photo”, she pleaded.
DSCF0226Batik Bag
The appliqué plane quilt was made for Gloria’s son, isn’t it stunning.
DSCF0230Aeroplane quilt
I rather liked this pussy cat bed quilt.  It was a “block of the month” and features twelve cats of various sorts and colours.  There is a lot of work in this quilt, with little pieced blocks in the setting squares too.
DSCF0231Pussy cat block of the month quilt
This is another family quilt, made for her daughter, and full of beautiful appliquéd roses, truly a work of art. The cream background sets off the lovely soft colours of the flowers and bows very nicely.
DSCF0232 Appliquéd quilt made for Gloria’s daughter
Then I noticed several wall hangings featuring silhouette shapes on the walls. Here are a couple of them.
DSCF0229 Is this “Easy Rider”?
DSCF0228Fall in the mountains, perhaps?
And to finish off my tour I was taken into the “littlest room” to see what was hanging behind the door.  It’s a toilet roll quilt, how very appropriate.
DSCF0234Toilet roll quilt in the loo
Many thanks to Gloria for showing me so many of her beautiful quilts.  Quilters are such generous people and I really appreciate her taking the time and trouble to show me all her wonderful work.  Here we are staying at the Manapouri Motor Home and Caravan Park, beautifully set out amongst lots of lovely trees, and a brand new ablution block.  We can certainly recommend this camp to fellow travellers, and Gloria and Selwyn made us most welcome.
DSCF0235   Parked at at Manapouri


By Hoki Quilts said...

Isn't it fun meeting up with other addicts? I really love the 'show and tell' times when we first meet others - it's interesting to see the other styles and passions that come out in other quilters work.
thnaks for sharing.

Katie said...

Beautiful quilts! I have to say, the motorcylist looks just like Billy Connolly on his "World Tour of New Zealand". :-)