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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tea Pots and Quilts at Owaka

For such a tiny settlement in the Catlins, Owaka has a lot happening.  The sign for “Teapot Land” stopped us in our tracks, we parked the car and hurried over the road.  I spotted a cute little tea pot quilt hanging in the window of the house, with appliquéd tea pots decorated with buttons sitting on little lace doilies. 
DSCF9876 Teapot Land quilt
Teapots were everywhere, and a sign by the donation box invited us to take photos.  There were huge ones, tiny ones, enamel pots, and a big stack of stainless steel pots piled on top of each other in a stack.   There was also a collection of black and white crockery pots all in the shape of cows.  
P3181420Some of the pots at Teapot Land
Pretty white doves had their own special teapot dovecote to roost in, the base of which was hung with even more pots.  I imagine this collection started small, then grew and grew like Topsy, with friends and neighbours bringing in more and more tea pots to add to the collection.  
DSCF9880Tea pot Dovecote
Just around the corner in the Information Centre I came across a wonderful selection of New Zealand inspired quilts for sale.  These were the work of local quilt artist Corale Willocks who discovered patchwork 15 years ago.  Several years later Corale purchased an embroidery machine, and likes to combine both patchwork, embroidery, and appliqué.  She loves to make quilts with a Catlins or New Zealand flavour.
DSCF9885 Some of Corale’s quilts
It is clear that Corale’s love for the environment shines through all her work, it was such a delight to see her lovely quilts.

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Caro said...

As an Owaka resident I was interested to read this.

Very sadly Corale Willocks died recently, so there will be no more of her wonderful quilts. She was also a talented golfer.

Carolyn Deverson.