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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Aurum Quilt, tucked away in Lawrence

What a pleasant surprise to come upon a quilt unexpectedly on our holiday.  I saw this quilt hanging proudly on the wall of the Lawrence Information Centre.  Called “Aurum Quilt”, it was made and donated by Joanne Mitchell.  This quilt won the “Southern Women Southern Quilts” exhibition held in the Otago Museum, as well as winning Viewers Choice.  Aurum is Latin for metallic gold, and just up the road in Lawrence is Gabriel’s Gully, the site of the gold find which sparked off the Otago gold rush. 
DSCF9789 Aurum Quilt, by Joanne Mitchell
This quilt really needs close scrutiny to take in all the details.  It shows a prospector looking for gold in a river, and the dark framing is beautifully quilted, showing many gold mining motifs.
DSCF9791Quilted background showing gold miner’s  pick and shovel
This lovely quilt seems quite familiar and I am sure that it has been featured in the New Zealand Quilter magazine some time ago.  How generous of Joanne to donate her prize winning quilt to the town of Lawrence which has such an association to the history of gold mining.    

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