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Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Special Stitching Friend

It’s been so nice to meet up with my old school friend Merilyn, during our stay in Dunedin on our South Island Odyssey trip.  You know what it’s like with these special friends in your life, when we meet up after a period of months, or even a couple of years, it’s just like we have never been apart.  Merilyn hasn’t been bitten by the quilting bug (yet), but rather enjoys stitching candlewick projects.  She has made several little cot quilts over the years, and has a whole collection of pretty white candlewick cushions.
DSCF9508 One of the pretty cushions
Merilyn proudly showed me the duvet cover she has finished recently – showcasing more of her skill with needle and thread.
DSCF9509 Duvet cover
DSCF9510Close up of one of the designs
Must admit that I haven’t done a great deal of stitching  during this holiday, too much to see and do, and not enough relaxing time.  I’m making a herb inspired cushion for my daughter for a gift (luckily she doesn’t read the blog) and so far I’ve only stitched a few herb names.  But I’m slowly getting there, so that’s the main thing.
DSCF9511 I’m stitching a herb cushion
Merilyn has done spinning for many years (not one of my skills) and loves to knit as well.  So it’s good that we share a love of candlewick and stitcheries together.  Wonder if she will ever take up quilting?
P3081225 Two old friends, Merilyn and me

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Nancy J said...

A true friend is one who greets you as if you met just a few days ago, when it may be weeks or months or years. They are so special.Enjoy your travels, something wonderful about the far south. Cheers from Jean.