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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Giant Jersey of Geraldine

It all started with a trip around Aussie, as the attractions such as “The Big Pineapple” struck a cord.  “Why”, reasoned Michael and Gillian Linton, “couldn’t Geraldine have their own “big” something or other to put it on the map?”  Running a knitwear business, it was a simple matter to think about making a giant jersey.  The pattern was designed using punch cards, with the criteria being that no two patterns or colours could touch each over.  New Zealand icons such as sheep, tikis, kowhai blossoms, deer, skiers, cyclists and kayakers appearing in the designs.  And what about those Koalas?, I asked.  They are there because the idea germinated during the Australian holiday.  Other designs such as tartans, chevrons, checkerboards and stripes are alternated between the pictorial designs.
DSCF9263 World famous in Geraldine
So just how big is the Giant Jersey of Geraldine?  It measures 16ft from wrist to wrist and is 7ft tall.  It would fit a giant with a chest measurement of 120 inches, and weighs 5.5kg. 
DSCF9264 World Record
This monster was officially recognised by Guinness Book of World Records in 1999, and even has it’s own web site on www.giantjersey.co.nz
Michael Linton is also known as the creator of “1066 – A Medieval Mosaic”.  This amazing creation is featured on our Travel Blog at www.romanyrambler.blogspot.com

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