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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The tale of the Star Quilt

Way back in the August 2000 I went to visit my Aunt Win and presented her with a quilt I had just finished.  My Aunt had recently sold her home and had moved in to a rest home.  Her room decor was rather bland but was carpeted in a pretty shade of blue.  Checking my stash, I found a length of Indian striped cotton in blues and burgundy.  That would be just right, I thought to myself.  As I love stars, it was an easy choice of pattern, and I added a pieced border of half square triangles to finish the quilt off.  Aunt Win’s quilt was backed with a soft pale blue floral winceyette (flannel) for extra warmth, and I machine quilted it with simple straight line quilting. 
Aunty Win 2 Star quilt for Aunt Win
My Aunt was rather excited to get such a large parcel and eagerly ripped open the paper to see what was inside.  “Oh”, she said, “This is the nicest thing anyone has ever made me”.  I laid the quilt over her bed and it really made a difference to the look of her bedroom.
Aunty Win with Quilt Aunt Win with her quilt
Fast forward to late 2011 and I received a telephone call from my cousin.  She told me that our Aunt  had to change rest homes as she needed more care and couldn’t take the quilt with her.  Would I come and collect it please?   The quilt was handed over to me and I remarked that it didn’t seem to have been used much.  It appeared that the quilt spent most of it’s life folded up and placed in a drawer.  Oh dear, now what was I going to do with it?  We were travelling north on the way to see my sister and her family and I took the quilt inside with me and related what had happened.  My great niece, 12 year old Kate, saw the folded quilt.  “Is that for me?’, she asked, “I just love it!”   It looked very much like the quilt has found a new home.
DSCF7990 Kate and her new quilt
Kate and I did a deal.  I took the quilt back home with me for laundering – after all that time hidden away in a drawer the quilt could do with a bit of freshening up.  I also added a new quilt label on the back, leaving the original label in place to show the family history.  The new label reads: “This quilt is gifted to Kate from her Great Aunt Jenny and her Great-great Aunt Win”.    Then I carefully wrapped the quilt and posted it back up to Kate.  I’m so pleased that the quilt not only has a new appreciative owner, but also stays in the family.  What a great outcome.


Maria said...

What a lovely post about the quilt. So pleased it has found a very loving new owner.

June said...

How lovely to be able to keep the quilt in the family - and so obviously wanted!

Lis said...

What a great outsome, as if it was meant to be. Lovely story. But sad that it "wasn't allowed" at the new home.

Frances Leate said...

I love a story with a happy ending and I am very pleased that your beautiful quilt has gone to a loving home. Take care.

Leeann said...

A happy ending! Looks like Kate loves it.

Linda said...

You've been double-blessed by the quilt you made. It's wonderful to know it's been appreciated, twice! Good for you.

Katie said...

That's a wonderful outcome. Maybe your Aunt could have a lap quilt?