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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our well travelled cat

Our cat Muffy is doing very well coping with all the travelling so far on our South Island Odyssey  trip.  We were rather worried about the Inter Island ferry crossing as she was left in the caravan by herself for three hours.  The vet assured us that she would be fine and much better off without any pills to calm her down.  If she had a bad reaction we wouldn’t be there to help her, he reminded us.
So far we have travelled over 1000 miles with the caravan.  Muffy has a little pink harness and we clip a light retractable lead onto it.  The shortened lead then gets attached to one of the seat belts in the back seat, which gives her room to move around.  Careful measurement ensures that if we have to stop suddenly, there is no way Muffy can go hurtling into the front window.  If we are lucky she spends her travel time nice and quiet on the back seat, otherwise she quietly meows her displeasure from time to time.  The car is not her favourite place to be, but she is quite happy blobbing out in the caravan once we arrive at our campsite.  Then we never hear a peep out of her until mealtime.
Muffy likes to have a sniff around at all these different places we take her to, and is not adverse to popping into the other caravans or motor home if her lead is long enough to allow such a visit.  Pauline and Geoff had their screen door shut and Muffy really wanted to call in to say hello.
DSCF8906 Please let me in
She is doing really well on this trip.  As Muffy is an old girl of nearly 16 years old we did not want to leave her in a cattery for the three months we will be away.  She is quite content to lie on the couch or our bed (on top of the quilt of course) for most of the day.


By Hoki Quilts said...

A very lucky cat to get to travel and have a huge change in scenery.

Maria said...

So nice to be able to travel with your cat. she is a really good girl.
You've been to some really lovely places on yout trip.