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Saturday, February 18, 2012

It’s Washing Day

Laundry duties don’t stop just because we’re on holiday.  We are currently camped at Wakari Domain, and wonder of wonders, there was  a free washing machine in the laundry room for the campers!  Free or not, our group all had washing to do and we would have quite happily paid whatever amount was required.  This machine was as slow as a proverbial wet week.  Our caravan was the last of of group to arrive on site, which meant that unfortunately I was 4th in line.  Time to get our tiny little washer out, which we had just purchased on “Trade Me” last week.  We lifted it up on the sink in the kitchen, filled it up with water and detergent, added a few “smalls”, switched on the power,  and away we went.
DSCF8954 A tiny little washing machine
Being so small, the capacity is very limited.  After my first load was rinsed, we refilled and managed to squash four tee shirts into the washer.  Unfortunately this machine does not have a spin function, so the rinsed clothes have to be wrung out by hand.
DSCF8956 Mini washing machine
By the time I had these two tiny loads pegged out on the line, the proper washing machine in the laundry finally became free. – my turn at last.  In went the towels  and the other clothes still to be washed – what bliss, this machine washes, rinses and spins and I don’t have to lift a finger while it is all happening.  On reflection, my mini washer might well turn out to be a bit of a “white elephant”.  It will continue on our travels with us around the South Island but I think it may well find itself back on Trade Me when we return home.


June said...

I love the idea of the mini washer, but think you are right, it's not that efficient. Without my bathroom/laundry I have been doing a little washing by hand this week and I think it is the spinning that I miss most!

FlourishingPalms said...

What an interesting kind of washing machine. Glad you could figure it out and appreciate, or not appreciate, its attributes! You're managing just fine. I enjoyed this post! Thanks.

Allison said...

Know your pain. Our new van has a washing machine in it, and it is so good to have - even though it takes up space in the en-suite. i've also just bought an new little machine for the van. My Elna is in bad need of a service, and this new machine was cheaper than paying for a service. Will add to my blog later this week when I have more time.
Love reading your blog adventures.

Lis Harwood said...

My washing machine died on Thursday but I think I'll resist getting one like yours! We actually do a lot of everyday washing by hand, a habit we got into while travelling and continue at home. Knickers, socks etc come in the shower/bath with us, only towels, sheets, jeans etc go in the machine.