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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quilter’s Barn, Blenheim

It wasn’t too long before I came across my first quilt shop of the trip.  Tucked away in the middle of vine growing country in Blenheim, we found “The Vines Village”, boasting amongst other shops a quilt shop, and a  fudge shop.  The men made a bee-line to sample some fudge, I checked out the quilt shop.
DSCF8861 I’ve found a quilt shop
I always ask permission to take a few snaps, which was happily given.  This shop has a great range of New Zealand fabric, patterns, and kits.  Hanging on the wall was a similar “New Zealand Postcard” quilt which I made and presented to my UK pen friends during our trip several years ago.
DSCF8866 Plenty of New Zealand fabrics on offer
There was a huge range of batik fabrics too, which I adore.  This fabric is so nice to work with.
DSCF8865 Lots of delicious fabric
Fancy a mini quilt show?  Just walk down the adjacent hall and there they all are, waiting to be admired.
DSCF8868 Japanese inspired quilt
DSCF8870A Quilter’s  Life
We’re moving on to Kaikoura and I’ve heard there is a lovely quilt shop there, so ‘hopefully I’ll be able to check that out as well.  So, watch this space.  And don’t forget, you will be able to follow our travels and adventures on our South Island Odyssey Trip on our Travel Blog

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Lis said...

Oh thank goodness!! Reading your travel blog I thought you must have missed the Quilters' Barn as there was no mention. So glad you got there, it's a great place isn't it?