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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More birthday gifts in the post

My birthday has been and gone, but a few more gifts have arrived in our letter box from quilting friends overseas.  How exciting!  Two parcels arrived from Australia.  Elaine sent me a very pretty magnetic notepad, decorated with “Wedding Ring” quilt blocks.  Elaine and her husband are fellow caravanners and she often says that she is now a quilter because of my influence.  So of course I am very proud to have brought another quilter “into the fold”.  The other parcel to arrive from Aussie is a machine embroidered cloth from Janet.  I’m fairly sure that the design she embroidered is a native called a Desert Pea, please feel free to correct me if I have the name wrong.  She also embroidered the name of her home town,  Murray Bridge, in South Australia.
DSCF7885Quilt inspired notepad and embroidered cloth
Also in the post was a CD of designs, full of stars, geometric patterns, and other designs which have an Art Noveau flowing look to them.  These are quite inspirational and could be adapted quite easily to quilt patterns.  Thanks Judy, for this.  I’ve been told that there is one more parcel heading my way from England, so my birthday isn’t quite over just yet, lucky me.


loulee said...

Wow, this birthday really does keep on going and going.
I have a pal in Murraybridge!

June said...

I thought I recognised that flower and sure enough, I have a hanky with a similar embroidery, with the name "Sturt's Desert Pea" underneath.