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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Material Art Show

The Material Art Show was a showcase of hand-made quilts, knitted baby clothes and Christmas stockings, all donated by talented crafts people of Wellington.  All items were hand-made by volunteers and are for sale with funds raised to support sick children and premature babies at Wellington Children's Hospital.  My friend Kathryn and I called in to “The Atrium” on Friday, the light and airy foyer of the recently rebuilt  Wellington Hospital to see what it was all about.
DSCF8143 Quilts for sale to aid Wellington Children’s Hospital
Volunteers were on hand, and as we were admiring a happy looking quilt made up of African animal faces, the young man on duty was quick to point out that this was his favourite quilt of the display.
DSCF8139 Our volunteer’s favourite
The quilts ranged in size from small to large bed size, in a great variety of styles and colours.  Here is just a small sample of a few which took our fancy.  They all seemed to be very reasonably priced too.
DSCF8141Fresh and pretty floral quilt
 DSCF8142 A tree full of parrots
DSCF8150Kathryn rather liked this dog quilt, even though she is really a cat person
DSCF8145Display of Christmas quilts and stockings
There were people in the Atrium looking at the quilts, like us.  Patients, visitors and staff also walked past as they all went about their business.  I hope that the sale was a success and that lots of money was raised for the Wellington Children’s Hospital.  We had a cuppa at the adjacent cafe and looked out into the courtyard.   During the recent rebuilding process the original frontage of the hospital was saved and stands proudly in the courtyard.  I can well remember climbing these steps and entering through the doors many times through the years.  Not as a patient, I’m happy to say, I can particularly remember when I was a young working lass coming to visit my Mother as she recuperated from one of her several stays in this hospital.  In those days visiting time was quite regimented, and I had to wait around for a couple of hours after  finishing work for the wards to open in the evenings.  Then afterwards,  catch a bus to the station, and a long train ride home, making it an extremely long day.  Visiting family and friends is so much easier these days.
DSCF8151 The original frontage of Wellington Hospital


Allison said...

Hi Jenny,
Had a look at both your blogs. I love looking at quilts, just wish I had time to make them all LOL.
I haven't made a blog of our caravan trips - but will. I didn't realise so many people did caravan blogs. I love holidays - next one in 12 days.

Leeann said...

I only went through the hospital doors once but I remember them. I'm glad they have kept them, what a great idea to that.