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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fabrications Quilt Display

I thoroughly enjoyed my morning at Fabrications yesterday looking around all the vendor stalls, and chatting to fellow quilters as I moved around the two adjacent halls.  An added delight were the number of quilts on display.  This was not a quilt show as such, so there were no programme printed listing the quilt makers names and the quilts were not judged.  The colourful quilts hanging on the frames were a delight to see.  Some I remembered seeing from earlier shows, and some were quite new to me.  So without further ado, here are some that took my fancy, although as they were not named the makers will have to remain anonymous.  Maybe someone local knows who these quilt makers are?
DSCF8039 Buxom bathing beauties
DSCF8040Colourful strippy quilt
DSCF8048Log cabin quilt with machine embroidered blocks
DSCF8049   Close-up of embroidered kowhai blossom, and leafy quilting motifs
DSCF8050A striking medallion style quilt
DSCF8060Narrow log cabin variation
This was just a taste of some of the quilts on display.  It is always inspiring to see the work of others, and I came home with my head spinning with ideas. 

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June said...

I agree it was lovely to get a second chance to see many of the quilts. i know the last one, the narrow log cabin was made by Debra Delarenzo, she uses the paper foundation method.