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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November Stitching Monday

The months of the year are galloping by, and it was the second to last Stitching Monday of the year.  With the silly season just around the corner, it was no surprise that several of us were working hard on our Christmas projects.  Petronella was stitching the binding down on her Christmas table runner.  This is a gift for her sister and she is hurrying to get in finished, and posted away to Holland.
DSCF8102 Petronella’s Christmas table runner
Serviettes for Christmas Dinner were being cut and hemmed by Pamela.  She had bought the white with gold fabric several years ago in a sale and thought it was time to make something with it.  Pamela commented that sewing these simple items took so much longer than anticipated – that’s usually the way, isn’t it.
DSCF8104 Pamela sewing Christmas serviettes
I was doing some Christmas sewing too.  As this is to be a gift for my daughter I can’t show anything just yet, but I was using these fabrics. I just hope she likes her gift.
 DSCF8101Fabrics in my Christmas secret sewing project
Gaye was all set to spend the day free motion quilting her grand-son’s Solar System quilt.  Here she is warming up and getting some practice in before tackling the quilt.
DSCF8100 Gaye practicing her free motion quilting
Joyce seems to work very quickly on her projects, and has a new one underway.  She is starting on a striking black, while and yellow quilt for her grand-daughter’s 21st birthday next year, using an off centre square in a square pattern.  It’s nice and easy to sew, Joyce said. 
DSCF8097 21st birthday blocks
Two ladies were sitting together by the window, hand stitching and chatting the day away.  Fay was sewing the binding down on her beautiful jewel toned quilt and will take it along to “Show and Tell” at our next club night.  Maureen was appliquéing some figures onto the backing for her latest creation.
DSCF8105 Fay and Maureen stitching together
I saw Margaret down on her hands and knees during the day as she laid out the blocks for her little grand-son’s “I Spy” quilt.  She is making two of these nice bright quilts, one each for the two little brothers who live down in shaky Christchurch, and this is number two.
DSCF8106  Margaret’s I Spy quilt
Once again, Heather has been working wonders.  She is in the middle of her “Great Shirt Project”, and has been collecting cotton shirts from op shops to use in charity quilts.  Nothing is wasted: the fabric is used in the quilts, and buttons are passed on to a friend who knits tiny woollen garments for the hospital.  Margaret used the collars and cuffs in her fabric art, and even the French seam strips have been re-purposed!  These go to a friend who chops them up and adds the pieces to her worm farm. 
 DSCF8098 Three of Heather’s recycled shirt quilts
DSCF8099Heather with quilt number four
It was a wild, wet and windy outside but we were safe and happy tucked up inside doing what we love.  I ducked out between the showers to have a look at the trees that had been felled recently on the property.  The wood-choppers were no where to be seen, in such bad weather.


June said...

Another great report Jenny! I must ask Heather if I can borrow a couple of her Op shop tops to take to the prison and show the girls that they don't have to buy expensive fabric to make lovely quilts.

Katie said...

I love working with shirt fabrics. It's something about the way they feel. She made some very nice quilts with hers.

Lis said...

Al got very excited when he saw the log pile! I love the quilts. :)