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Friday, November 11, 2011

Not once, but twice!

How did he do it?  Robin had caught the pocket of his shorts on a protruding part of the caravan, and ripped a right angle tear in his shorts.  Never mind, I told him, I’ll probably be able to fix them for you.  He changed his ripped shorts for another pair, and blow me down, but he did it again.  How did he do it - not just once, but twice?  He was mortified, and really wasn’t quite sure how it had happened.
DSCF7760  Two pair of ripped shorts
After I  had partially unpicked the pocket to give me room to manoeuvre, I put a patch behind the rip and zig zagged it securely in place.  Then stitched the pocket back, and threw the shorts in the washing machine.  The mend should hold just as long as he doesn’t do the same thing all over again!  What is a wife to do when mending is required?  It makes me appreciate sewing for pleasure the next time I sit at the sewing machine.

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Katie said...

Oh my! Poor Robin! I hope you figure it out before the next time. :-)