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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Out with the Cats and in with the Hearts

It was time to change the quilt.  Our winter quilt has nice cosy wool batting and is so deliciously warm over the cold months of winter.  With fluffy flannelette sheets on the bed too I am toasty warm, just as I like it.  With the weather warming up it was time for a change.  The winter cat quilt in pink and grey was getting grubby and needed a wash, especially as our cat Muffy liked to snuggle up on the same part of the bed  night after night.  As soon as a nice breezy day came along that quilt was off the bed, carefully washed, and flapping in the breeze.  The pale pink background fabric has faded over time, as have some of the cat blocks, but this quilt is just so lovely and warm with the wool batting.
DSCF7869 My favourite winter quilt
Our anniversary is 5th November, so I like to have our special anniversary quilt on the bed  by then.  This one was made three years ago for our 25th Anniversary, and is full of hearts in various sizes and shapes and stars.  It always looks so fresh and bright after all those different hues of grey cats on the bed over the winter.
DSCF7862 Anniversary quilt
Then after a month or so I will no doubt have yet another quilt change.  That’s what happens when one has an assortment of bed quilts, after all that work that goes into the making, we want to give them all a turn.  What do other quilters do?  Do you ring the changes with the seasons too?


Lis said...

How lovely to have all those quilts, I haven't done enough to be able to change them with the seasons - but I'm working on it!

Katie said...

Love your anniversary quilt! I like to change the quilts but The Tramp has a favorite so we use it the most. :-)