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Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Tree Decoration exchange

Names were pulled out of the hat a couple of months ago at my “Friendship Group”.  The criteria was that we had to make a small  decoration to hang on  a Christmas Tree, for the person we were allocated.  For a procrastinator like me, that was rather daunting!  First step was to browse through my collection of Christmas magazines.  Mmmm, how about this, or maybe that?  Perhaps this other one will be better?  I had about a dozen projects earmarked, then it was a process of elimination.  And as I kept looking, the time was steadily ticking away.  With two weeks to go, I finally started work on my secret project.  I knew that “my” person liked the traditional dark red and green of Christmas, as I had previously seen her working on a quilt in these colours.  So I cut out the fabrics, and diligently stitched away.  The finished item didn’t look too bad, but I felt it needed a little something extra.  The addition of cording made all the difference, but it took an absolute age to stitch on.  At last it was finished, with a whole week to spare.  Thank goodness for that.  I do hope Helen likes it.
DSCF7925 Christmas Heart I made for Helen
We met last evening for our November meeting.  Happy chatter filled the room as we caught up with everyone and did a little hand stitching.  After “show and tell” to see what had been finished during the month, the little gifts were exchanged.  As each one was opened we all shared in the excitement, oohing and aahing as the Christmas tree ornaments were opened, then held up for us all to admire.   There were hearts, Christmas stockings, angels, a Christmas ball, Christmas pillows, cute little mice, and something I’d never seen before, a set of delicious smelling cinnamon tree ornaments.  Every item was personalised to the recipient, and they were all beautiful and gratefully received.   We laid them out on the table so we could have a close look, and take photos.
DSCF7930 Look at all these lovely Christmas decorations
DSCF7933Cheryl’s gift to me, to be filled with choccies, she suggested
It was a lovely evening, and we all took home a very special hand made gift made “just for us”.  Thanks so much, ladies, they will all be treasured, I’m sure.


Maria said...

The heart you made is really lovley.
What a pile of wonderful decorations.

Katie said...

Oh my. I'm trying not to think about Christmas!

Lovely ornament. :-)