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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stonestead Stitchers September meeting

Here were are, it’s two weeks on and time for the Stonestead Stitchers to meet up again.  The birds were fluttering around and chirping away in the Spring–like conditions outside, and we thought we could hear a donkey.  Or perhaps it was just a gate swinging on rusty hinges that we heard?  We will have to check with Kevin if in fact he now has a donkey on the property.  Liz, Dorothy and Bridget had all brought their hexagon projects along and were busy stitching. 
DSCF7327 Liz showing off her hexagons with Dorothy holding up the other end
Mary’s Christmas banner is coming along well and she was stitching the last appliquéd block for her Christmas banner, the final “E” of Welcome, she said.  Then it will all need to be assembled.  It is going to look great with all those nice fabrics.
DSCF7328 Last appliquéd letter of Mary’s Christmas banner
Ruth had recently attended an embroidery class run by tutor Jean Rothwell and had something quite new to show us.  The class taught was Carrickmacross Lace, the same sort of embroidered lace that adorned Katherine’s royal wedding gown.  Carrickmacross lace is stitched over organza and netting, with the paper pattern underneath.  Ruth’s first sample was almost complete, just needing a little extra stitching to finish it off, and it is such beautiful, delicate work.  Her second sample being stitched shows the paper pattern underneath the layers. 
DSCF7326 Carrickmacross embroidered lace
I did a little stitching on a new Christmas project.  As I said to Robin, no, I don’t really need another Christmas item, I just really like making them!  No doubt I will find just the place for it amongst the other things at Christmas.

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By Hoki Quilts said...

Hi Jenny, thanks once again for having me to your quilt group meeting, I do enjoy being a guest there ; )
hugs - Miche'le