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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Any day is Washing Day

It’s a great day for washing today.  The sun is out, although the temperature is rather on the cool side.  But the breeze is blowing nicely, and the load of washing is flapping outside.  There is nothing like washing dried outside in the sun, is there?  But laundry waits for no one, even in cold wet wintry weather.  During the winter months I hand my washing out of the rain and in the garage.  I’m one of those people who quite enjoy doing the washing, and I have this hanging above the washing machine.  I rather like ironing too.
DSCF7281Wash Day – made in 1994
My little wall-hanging “Wash Day” has been over seeing the laundry duties for quite some time now.  I made it in a class in the local quilt shop in 1994, and remember the tutor telling me that it was a hand appliqué class.  But that didn’t appeal to me and I was the only one in the class to do my appliqué by machine.  The Holly Hobbie girl has a little quilt, a pair of pantaloons, and an apron pegged out on her clothesline.
Yesterday’s weather was quite spectacular with thunder and lightning and a freak hail storm which hit the capital and continued up the Hutt Valley.  Over 500 lightning strikes were recorded in the city, the temperatures dropped dramatically, and hail rattled down.  Just as well it’s a much nicer day today.
       MID: hail 1 MID: hail 1                              Photos by MATT VELDE – hail in Wellington


loulee said...

Cute quilt.

June said...

I agree about liking my washing hung on the line, it smells so good. And what a storm that was! A friend and I were having lunch at The New Dowse and the thunderstorm sounded as though it was just above the roof!

Maria said...

Your laundry wall hanging is cute.
WOW!! big hailstones. Pleased your weather was better today

Leeann said...

I like washing, but hate ironing. Have trained hubby to do his own shirts! The weather is all over the place, a week ago it was like summer here, and now is cold one day and hot the next. Very hard to know what to wear to work! Have to do that layers thing. Those are really big hail stones I wouldn't have like to be out in it, hope you don't get anymore.

Katie said...

I'd certainly rather do washing and ironing than work in the kitchen! :-)