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Sunday, September 4, 2011

I love surprises

I love surprises, and I received a surprise packet in the mail.  Wonder what it is?  Oh look, it’s a whole pile of selvedges, sent from Roz.  How kind, she had promised to send some and here they are.  It is a good assortment too, with a nice amount of the patterned fabric left on.  Amongst all the colours I spotted a black and white selvedge from “Grease – Paramount Pictures”.  And as an extra surprise there is a little white pussy cat cut-out – for Muffy perhaps?  I have a couple of selvedge projects in mind so these will come in very handy.
DSCF7286 Thanks so much, Roz
I first met Roz in March this year on our travels after exchanging emails now and then.  She reads our blogs and had asked if we could pop in next time we travelled through her town.  Roz is kept busy stitching for the Sano Diyo quilt project,  and her aim is to complete 50 quilts to send over to be distributed to the orphanages in Nepal.  Thanks so much for the parcel, Roz.

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Katie said...

I collect selvages for my Mom. She has a great time with them! :-)