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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A help or a hindrance?

I have been stitching away quite merrily lately on a couple of projects, but nothing quite finished yet to show off.  Our cat Muffy has been “helping” me, or so she thinks, sitting up on top of my sewing cabinet.  At least she is not trying to touch any  moving parts, and sits quite still, just watching.   Muffy really wants to stay close by, and gets quite upset and cries piteously if she can’t find us.  We think that as she is getting older, she is starting to feel a little anxious.   She loves to spend the early evenings cuddled up in our laps, either one will do, she is not really fussy.  Then at bedtime she settles down quite comfortably on the foot of the bed.  I remember reading somewhere that cat owners have lower blood pressure than non cat owners, as petting a cat is very soothing.  Don’t think anything could be more comforting than a purring cat curled up on your lap, do you?
DSCF7492 Muffy is helping me sew

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Maria said...

Yes pets seem to grt more needy when they are older.
Muffy is a lovely cat and it is soothing to have a perring cat on your lap.