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Friday, September 16, 2011

All the Seasons Table Runner

I love doing stitcheries, but I’m the first to admit that I’m quite slow.  After all, I’m still plodding along with my “Under the Sea” blocks, and they are still not finished!  But…… in the meantime I stitched four little seasonal blocks, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, designed by Scrubber Creek.  Each block shows the outline of a tree, and the differences as the seasons progress.  I stitched my Spring tree with light green leaves, and pale pink blossoms.  Summer shows the tree with darker green leaves, and rosy red apples, while the leaves turn gold and brown for Autumn as they fall onto to the ground.  The tree is bare in Winter.
DSCF7189Four seasons
The blocks are designed to be made into four individual wall hangings, but I wasn’t really keen on that idea.  So I stitched them into the corners of a small table runner, and measuring 24 inches by 20 inches, it just right for the caravan.
DSCF7284 Seasonal table runner for the caravan
The green fabric used is the last piece of Debbie Mumm fabric from long ago.  I used this green check in a quilt for my grand-daughter Megan, completed back in August 1999.  I can be sure of the date as I remember hurrying to get her quilt finished so I could give it to her before we departed on our big 3 month OE to England.  We had stop-overs at Disneyland then Juneau,  Alaska on the way over.  Then had seats booked for the Edinburgh Tattoo, after which we travelled by car around Scotland, Ireland and England.  Followed by an 8 day whistle-stop bus tour of Europe, before finishing off with a week’s R&R in Hawaii on the way home.  That was some holiday!
Megan's quilt0001 Megan with her pinwheel and bunnies quilt
Megan is quite the young lady these days at 16 years of age, and I have made her several more quilts over the years.  I am sure her tastes have moved on from the bunnies and pinwheels in this quilt.  Guess she would like a proper “grown-up” quilt now she is in college, I must ask her what her preferences are now she is all grown up – no doubt like most teenagers she will want something with black in it.

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