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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Have you tried Kiwifruit Jam?

I’ve been busy in the kitchen cooking up a batch of kiwifruit jam.  I much prefer home made jam to what we buy in the shops.  At least with home made jam you know exactly what is in it – fruit, sugar and no nasty stuff to make it thicker.  Kiwifruit jam has lemon juice added too, and is rather nice on a piece of toast at breakfast.  There is something very homely about seeing a big jam pot of fruit bubbling away, and the smell is divine.  I sterilize the jars in the hot oven, and put the seals in boiling water.  So far this year I’ve made plum jam and grape jelly, and now my new batch of kiwifruit jam.  I’ve just been given a whole lot of lovely lemons, so I'm going to have a go and making lemon honey next.  Wish me luck, I’ve never made that before.
DSCF7425 Kiwifruit jam


Derek and Dot said...

Hi Jenny
Made my lemon honey today in the microwave, yum. Want the recipe give me a call.

Linda said...

No, I haven't tried kiwi jam. Are you sending me a jar!? All the best with your lemon honey.