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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More of Barbara’s Treasures

We visited our friends Bill and Barbara yesterday, to take Bill a little “Get Well” gift after his recent surgery.  Barbara is a keen crafter and she likes to keep her hands busy.  She was keen to show me her lovely Witch Doll, a gift from her daughter.
DSCF7419   Barbara and her Witch Doll
Two knitted tots were sitting on a chair.  They are so cute,  a little Gingerbread Man and a doll dressed in a pretty knitted lemon dress and hat.
DSCF7420Two knitted toys
I noticed a little basket on the table full of pretty pincushions in lovely soft colours.  A couple were embroidered, there was a blue-mauve patchwork pincushion, and a lemon heart shaped pincushion embellished with ribbons and lace.  And can you see the tiny little doll in the front with her pretty lace dress?
DSCF7421 A collection of pincushion
And look what I found displayed on the bathroom window sill.  Two glass jars shaped in the female form filled with tiny coloured pebbles.  I haven’t seen anything quite like this before. 
DSCF7422 Pebbles in glass bottles
Barbara has the most interesting collection of all sorts of treasures, and there is always something different to see each time we visit.

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