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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Embroideries on the wall

As a quilter, I am always delighted to come across any sort of textiles when we are out and about, especially if they are hand crafted.  We were away at a caravan rally over the weekend – staying not too far from home at Camp Elsdon in Porirua.  Friends from our club invited us to join them for Saturday lunch at a little Indian restaurant they enjoyed going to.  So six of us drove down to the Cobham Court shopping area to enjoy a curry for lunch.  We strolled along under the covered walkway decorated with various carvings and soon arrived at Curry Village.
DSCF7346 Covered walkway in Cobham Court, Porirua
The restaurant offered $12 lunches:  your choice of curry, rice and a delicious puffy naan bread, (yum, I just love those naans), and a soft drink.  Very good value, I think.  The meal was delicious, and the restaurant nicely appointed. 
DSCF7343 Ready for our lunch
I noticed there were several framed embroideries hanging on the walls, and approached the desk to ask if I could take some photos.  Yes, certainly, was the surprised answer.  After wondering if they had perhaps been stitched by the owner, I was told that they had purchased to decorate the restaurant.  So they were not family heirlooms as I had thought.  Some were appliquéd and others were embroidered, and I think the owners were quite surprised by my interest.  Unfortunately the lighting was very subdued, so I had to use my flash.  The photos aren’t perfect, but you can get the idea of just how attractive these wall-hangings are.
DSCF7339 Hanging on the walls at Curry Village

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