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Friday, April 1, 2011

Something new

It is so nice to start a new project, isn’t it?   I needed something new as a “take-away” project.    A bit of  time spent in preparation and my new stitchery project was all ready.  The top fabric had been cut to size, and the designs traced, with pellon all ready to place behind the stitching. I had bought the necessary threads and I was raring to go.
DSCF5376 My new stitchery project
I am doing “Under the Sea”, which is a free download from Willowberry Designs.  I enlarged the designs as I like to stitch using Perle No. 5 thread.  Linda of Flourishing Palms stitched her version of this design a while ago, and it looked so nice I decided to do one too.  It will make a lovely little girl’s quilt, with delightful fishy designs highlighted with fabric pencils.  So far I have only done one block, but I am not in any hurry to complete the blocks, so it will presumably be a slow project.
DSCF5674  Frances the Fish
Hand stitching is great to take to a stitching group afternoon, or when we go away in the caravan.  But what about those heart blocks I have just finished stitching?  They are “on hold” at the moment – and when I get a chance I will make some toning 9 patch blocks to put with them.  That’s the plan, anyway.


Linda said...

Oh, I so enjoyed this project myself, and I'm chuffed that I could inspire you to start too. It's a pleasure to work on, isn't it? Each design isn't so difficult or time-consuming that you lose interest and stop. I enjoyed stitching mine with Cosmo thread. It looks like you have DMC perle cotton, is that right? Are you using size 8 and then just stitching with a single strand? Your blue background is very pretty. Cheryl Goss sure did a nice job designing this series.

Julie said...

I love a new project too! Your first block looks great, I have the designs saved, but as yet not even on the horizon.....look forward to following your progress.