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Saturday, April 16, 2011

I’m not telling

“How many quilting projects do you have on the go at once?” That was a question asked recently on “Quilting Down Under”, an internet quilting group.  Members replied with all sorts of answers, some with only three or four, and others admitting to a dozen.  One quilter commented that she was too much of a control freak to ever have more than two at once!  Perhaps I’ll have a quick check around my sewing area and see what I’ve got on the go.  And this is what I found.
Burgundy and cream quilt for my niece – all complete except for the label.
Under the Sea stitchery blocks – ongoing take-along project.
12 Days of Redwork  stitched hearts – stitcheries completed and awaiting 9 patch blocks to complete quilt.
Stitchery Angel cot quilt – pinned up ready for quilting.
Healing Heart blocks received from  SCQ internet group several years ago when I was undergoing cancer treatment – started stitching sashing between blocks.
Roll, roll, cotton boll mystery quilt – stalled pending other projects deemed more urgent.
Signature quilt from 2008 UK trip – same reason as above.
Oh dear, look what I found in the basket, a pieced table topper I started, plus another Christmas wall-hanging, both half done.  I’m not even going to see what else there is in the basket.
Plus there is one single and one double bed quilt which I had previously started machine quilting (then stopped for whatever reason) lurking on my quilt rack.  And most importantly, a memory quilt, and a healing heart quilt that I am hurriedly working on right at the moment to give to friends in their time of need.
But…………I’m not telling how many other projects I have stashed away in the spare room in various bags and boxes.   Some time ago my pen-friend Carol from South Dakota wrote and told me she had counted up 81 UFOs!   I’m not counting mine because I really don’t want to know, but it can’t be anything like 81, surely?   Perish the thought!
DSCF5965 Appliquéd Angel quilt, ready for quilting


Katie said...

I'm not telling either!

Jan Quigley said...

I avoided answering that question. The last time tried to work out how many UFO's I had, I stopped when I got to 40!!!! I'll never finish them all & I tried to be tough & not start anything new, but life's too short. :-)) I now tend to have 3 or 4 projects on the go & as I'm making all my gifts this year things are getting finished. Some of my long term UFO's will never be finished I just don't like them anymore.

kcrockshi said...

When I started quilting in 2005, I couldn't believe that you wouldn't finish something before moving on to a new project. I counted up my UFO's last year and made a list so I could tick them off. I did complete a couple but too many new and sometimes more pressing projects come along.